🌎 A world at the edge of sustaining life... 🦠 A deadly virus on the loose... 🍊 Authoritarianism on the rise... 💸 Corruption motivated by greed at all levels of governance... 👀 Surveillance capitalism beating the stock market… 🚨 Police beating protesters and killing Black people… 🔌 Grotesque abuses of power... ⁉️ Lies abound...

How does one envision balance, peace ✌️, functional systems, and a just society–let alone find inspiration in this garbage fire 🔥? Are utopias fake news 📰? Is perfection a hoax 🃏? Does our digital ecosystem 👾🍃 accelerate injustice, or does it provide tools 🛠 with the potential of leveling the playing field and amplify our voices 🔊?

These artworks 🖥 🎨 envision, problematize, confront, celebrate, and embrace notions of "digital utopia" 🌈. Using an unstable medium to address an unstable world allows us to exercise our voices 💬, share our perspectives 🎁, work through difficult times 🏋️‍♀️, and consider alternative futures 🚀.

⏳ Making and sharing digital art is more important now than ever. As we continue into the unknown, we need to lead with experimentation, new ways of thinking, and diverse perspectives. ✊ Art can be a catalyst… plus it can be super fun too! 🙌


by:alysoliman FRI

A Map to Futurcago (Future UChicago)

by:Collin Amelsberg FRI

Pokémon MADD

by:Bing Tian FRI

Digital City

by:Vicky Chen FRI


by:Dxxdle FRI

"just one more minute"

by:nico giunta FRI

A Dog's Utopia


Glitch Utopia

by:jzqiu FRI

Power & Persistence

by:River MacLeod FRI

who watches the watchmen?

by:manuel FRI

The Glitch: Human/Digital, Flaw/Trend

by:Reilly McBride FRI


by:Allen Park FRI

surveillance denied

by:Gurveer Singh FRI

Forest Haven

by:Keda Song FRI

Avatar Sakura

by:Zack Crenshaw FRI

Anathema Trailer

by: Noor Amin THU

Building the Future

by: Matthew Butera THU


by: Daisy THU

Neighborhood Archive

by: garciandrew THU

Dis Topia

by: Michael Janis THU

Just Getting By

by: jonjon THU


by: Kaitlyn THU

Nature has Lost Control

by: Katie Large THU


by: Colin Lundy THU


by: Jivan Nallamothu THU

We Are Not There Yet

by: Sarahi THU

What happened to my twitter feed?

by: Kavitya Sarma THU

Digital Utopia's Ripple Effect

by: Logan Sherwin THU

Climbing into the Future

by: Matthew Stark THU


by: Jordi Sterett THU

Digital Safety and Revolutions

by: X THU


by: Cherry Ying THU


Artwork by students from the Media Art & Design Practice course at the University of Chicago

Site hacked together by @jonsatrom

Explosions/clouds coded by Jaume Sánchez (@thespite)

Inspired on Mr.doob's WebGL clouds and
Mark J. Harris' Real-Time Cloud Rendering for Games.

Fonts Open Sans and Lato are from Google Web Fonts.
Textures are property of their respective owners.