by: Dxxdle
I started on this project by asking myself ‚"what is digital art and how do people determine its value? What is the standard for a utopian digital art?" As an artist myself, I've always wondered how people decide on the value of an artwork even though art is said to be something that can be interpreted differently by individuals. I realized that these decisions and judgements all root from a person's memory: something that exists even after disappearing, just like a value of art. I realized that the idea of utopia is also determined by subjective point of view of each individual based on their personal memories. I also realized that memory is unstable; it is something that continues to change its form through infinite loops editing, glitching, deleting, over-layering, and replaying. The true digital utopia, therefore, is a creation of our own memories. Layers of memories repeat creating and disappearing, and memory guides us to make certain decisions regardless of its validity. We are mistaken to think that memories are stable because of such behavior of one's memory. Inspired by the work ‚"Pink Dot," I wanted to create a video that represents the concept of ‚"memory" by having a focus that is stable and constant while other part of the video continues to form and disappear.