Digital Safety and Revolutions

by: X
I wanted to put multiple messages in this artwork and hope it all came out. I start off by clone a github repository with compilations of videos of police brutality from 2020 alone (https://github.com/2020PB/police-brutality). The repository has been up for 8 days and have over hundreds of submissions from all over the country. Most of the police brutality is in response to the Black Lives Matter peaceful protests. I wanted to show that technology can keep us informed and police accountable, when the surveillance state becomes surveyed then they can be held accountable. I also wanted to point out that videos of protesters and technology are being used by the state to punish people that record and attend these protests. For example the man that filmed the murder of Eric Garner, Ramsey Orta, was reprimanded but Eric Garner's murders walked free. The background breathing audio is symbolic of many instances of police murdering black men. The #ICantBreathe hastag started because of Eric Garner and is still used today to protest the death of George Floyd. It's great that we have enough autonomy on the web to record and compile these instances of police brutality that will most likely be swept under the rug but it's also important to remember about digital footprints.